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Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Series: Supers Music Collection


Catalogue Number: COCC-14789

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[audio file] 1. Crystal forest 水晶の森 3'04"/900K
[audio file] 2. Moonlight Legend TV Size SE included (Moon Lips) 「ムーンライト伝説」TVサイズ、SE入り(ムーンリップス) 1'32"/488K
[audio file] 3. Supers Subtitle 0'10"/52K
[audio file] 4. Chibiusa's thoughts ちびうさの想い 2'36"/796K
[audio file] 5. Usagi and Chibiusa うさぎとちびうさ 4'18"/1.4M
[audio file] 6. Dead Moon 5'14"/1.7M
[audio file] 7. Amazon Trio 5'59"/1.9M
[audio file] 8. Amazon Trio's trap アマゾントリオの罠 4'49"/1.5M
[audio file] 9. Trembling heart ゆれる心 2'19"/696K
[audio file] 10. Spying into the heart OR Shutting out of the heart (the pun is intentional) 心の中のぞく 0'52"/304K
[audio file] 11. Lemures 6'32"/2.3M
[audio file] 12. Absolute death 絶対絶命 3'07"/1.1M
[audio file] 13. Pegasus 3'21"/1.1M
[audio file] 14. Moon Crisis Make-Up 1'45"/560K
[audio file] 15. Love makes a lonely heart 恋はLonely heart 1'48"/556K
[audio file] 16. Wanting to be the two of us TV Size 「私たちになりたくて」TVサイズ 1'37"/552K
[audio file] 17. Supers Eyecatch 0'25"/144K
[audio file] 18. Pegasus and Chibiusa ペガサスとちびうさ 3'04"/880K
[audio file] 19. Chibiusa, believe in Pegasus ちびうさ、ペガサスを信じて 2'54"/876K
[audio file] 20. Amazoness Quartet 2'53"/896K
[audio file] 21. Death moon, attack 死の月、総攻撃 4'50"/1.5M
[audio file] 22. Crystal Power Make-Up 5'27"/1.8M
[audio file] 23. Supers next episode music スーパーズ予告編音楽 0'48"/248K
[audio file] 24. Let's go like that ~ March Version ~ 「“らしく”いきましょ」〜マーチヴァージョン〜 3'36"/1.2M