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Pretty Soldier Sailormoon: Song Collection


Catalogue Number: COCC-14460

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[audio file] 1. The Password is "Moon Prism Power Make-Up!" 合コトバはムーン・プリズム・パワー・メイクアップ! 4'22"/1.6M
[audio file] 2. Princess Moon 4'04"/1.5M
[audio file] 3. Can't leave you alone ほっとけないよ 4'30"/1.6M
[audio file] 4. Steal love energy 愛のエナジーを奪え 4'45"/1.5M
[audio file] 5. Tuxedo Night 5'00"/1.9M
[audio file] 6. Luna! 3'39"/1.3M
[audio file] 7. Transforming into the moon, I'll punish you 月にかわっておしおきよ 4'39"/1.7M
[audio file] 8. Mysterious Silver Crystal 幻の銀水晶〜シルバークリスタル 4'30"/1.5M
[audio file] 9. Dreaming by itself is no good 夢見るだけじゃダメ 5'10"/1.8M
[audio file] 10. Someday... Somebody... 5'01"/1.6M
[audio file] 11. Eternal Melody 永遠のメロディ 4'16"/1.4M
[audio file] 12. It's not your fault あなたのせいじゃない 4'32"/1.6M
[audio file] 13. I saw your dream あなたの夢をみたわ 4'32"/1.5M
[audio file] 14. Passing through time 時に超えて 4'49"/1.7M
[audio file] 15. You're Just My Love 4'17"/1.5M
[audio file] 16. Tuxedo Night (karaoke) 4'59"/1.9M