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Pretty Soldier Sailormoon: Sailor Stars Song Collection


Catalogue Number: COCC-14462

[cover pic]

[audio file] 1. Sailormoon Christmas 3'47"/1.3M
[audio file] 2. Golden Queen Galaxia 4'00"/1.4M
[audio file] 3. Towards a shooting star 流れ星へ 4'45"/1.6M
[audio file] 4. Undeliverable thoughts -my friend's love- とどかぬ想い−my friend's love− 3'52"/1.4M
[audio file] 5. Unrequited love separated by the span of a galaxy 銀河一身分違いな片想い 4'20"/1.5M
[audio file] 6. Combining strength 力を合わせて 6'06"/2.3M
[audio file] 7. Alone at night 真夜中ひとり 3'34"/1.3M
[audio file] 8. Initial U 4'35"/1.7M
[audio file] 9. Memories of a soldier 戦士の想い 5'04"/1.8M
[audio file] 10. I said bye-bye バイバイって言った 4'15"/1.6M
[audio file] 11. Flame Sniper 炎の狙撃者 4'50"/1.7M
[audio file] 12. Bicycle once again tomorrow あしたもまた自転車 3'55"/1.4M
[audio file] 13. We believe you 5'03"/1.8M
[audio file] 14. The Goddess of Love's How to love 愛の女神のHow to love 5'11"/1.9M
[audio file] 15. I believe in love 愛をしんじてる 4'01"/1.4M
[audio file] 16. A more beautiful morning will come もっとすてきな朝がくるよ 4'13"/1.5M